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The liver is an all important part of your body. It is the body's decontamination plant. It removes excess of toxins, drug/alcohol residues and waste products from the system. Chances are that because of your irregular eating habits, an unhealthy diet or too much of intake of processed or junk food and alcohol, your liver is already under too much of stress. This stress leads the liver into a ‘too-much-on-the-plate-to-handle' situation. Most people do not realize this, but keeping the liver under pressure can cause a lot of bodily problems. The liver cannot possibly clean double of what it is supposed to and thus it leads to all kinds of disorders requiring immediate liver detoxification.


The liver ensures that your body is free of toxins and working at full capacity thereby guaranteeing a healthy and energetic life. The liver produces bile, converts fat to energy and removes toxic substances from the system. If the liver cannot do the said functions properly it may lead to problems like weight loss, vomiting, nausea, irregular bowel movements, bacterial imbalance in the intestines, gout etc. So make sure that you get your liver cleansed every six months to help it work efficiently.


It is never too late to get your liver detoxified. If you do have an unhealthy lifestyle and/or follow a faulty diet (but cannot help it) then you should keep and get your liver in good shape by choosing the right liver cleansing procedure. The detoxification process undoes the damage and gets you your health back. Herbs like Carduus Marianus, Bryonia Alba and Chelidonium Majus act as natural detoxifiers which act as reinforcements for the liver by effectively cleansing it and helping it in the cleaning process. Intake of fibrous food products through the daily diet can also help clean out the wastage from the digestive tract so as to keep the balance between the beneficial and the harmful bacteria. Cleaning of this wastage will also help the liver by lessening the load. Liver detoxification is done by means of three different ways—by powder, by pill and by means of an oral spray. The oral spray works best in most cases. The powder and/or the pill needs to be taken two-three times a day and is to be kept in the mouth till it dissolves.

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Detoxify Your Liver

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This article was published on 2011/01/02