Liver Cleansing Diet – Let Your Liver Rejuvenate Itself

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One of the severe mistakes that conventional medicine has made is to overlook some of the valuable, built-in healing and detoxifying powers the body possesses by default. One of the most powerful organs in the human body for performing these healing and detoxifying acts is the liver.

The liver is a remarkable and powerful organ that is key to healthy living and vitality. Unfortunately, toxic eating and unhealthy lifestyles commonly strip the liver of much of its potency. A liver cleansing diet can help to restore even the most severely diseased or injured livers back to full operational capacity.

Deeper Truths about the Liver

While no one will argue that the liver, like the rest of the body, is flesh and blood, few people delve deeper into the spiritual power related to the liver and all of our organs.

The liver is known to have a symbiotic relationship with an individual's relationship to their father. If a person has strong bonds of love and respect with their father, the liver is more likely to be healthy. For those who have had rocky relationships with their fathers, it is much more likely for weakness or disease to intrude upon this important organ.

All of our relationships to others are important. Lack of health in any organ is merely a reflection of strained relationships with the people we interact with. If there is just one physical benefit to a healthy relationship with one's father, optimal liver health is that reason.

Practical Liver Health

Aside from fostering better familial relationships, there are some practical steps that you can take to improve the health of your liver. Probably the most powerful step you can take is to go through a detoxification process. Even if your liver is functioning properly, a detoxification process can improve it considerably.

An easy way to begin detoxifying your liver is to go on a juice fast. Avoid foods and chemicals while on this type of fast to help your liver get rid of dangerous toxins.

Adding in pyrophyllite clay to your liver cleansing regimen is essential. You should consistently use pyrophyllite clay as it draws positively charged toxins, chemicals and heavy metals (mercury, lead, aluminum, arsenic, pesticides, petroleum compounds, commercial and industrial chemicals and radiation) from the body.

Foods to Eat for Liver Cleansing

Some foods that you can eat to make your liver healthier include beets and lemons. Making these two foods staples of your diet will greatly increase the efficiency and health of your liver. It is also important to avoid impurities and chemicals as much as possible while on a liver cleansing diet.

The best foods to eat are organic vegetables. If you cannot maintain a strict diet on vegetables alone, try to avoid processed foods filled with chemicals and preservatives to keep your liver healthy and functioning at full capacity. Optimal health is only achieved when the body is operating as it should be.

A strong, healthy liver acts as a filter to keep toxins out of your body.


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Liver Cleansing Diet – Let Your Liver Rejuvenate Itself

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This article was published on 2011/04/26