Liver Disorders and Perfect Home Treatment for Liver Care

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The liver is considered the main and one of the most critical organs in the body and it plays a crucial role in the body`s metabolism.

Liver is situated on the right side of the abdomen under the diaphragm and works like a chemical laboratory.

Its main function is the emission of bile and the production of enzymes, which is essential for digestion of fats and control of the chemical process in the body, respectively.

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The liver metabolises most of the nutrients that are engrossed by the intestine, stores them, produces proteins and also detoxifies blood by remove drugs, alcohol, and potentially harmful chemicals from the bloodstream.

The liver disorders are caused due to various reasons and can be identified through several symptoms. These may affect everyone from infants to older adults and can lead to numerous severe diseases as well.

Hepatitis A is the most ordinary and the most infectious, spreading easily from person to person like most other viruses. It affects millions around the world and is accountable for more than 2 million deaths a year.

Hepatitis B is acquired through contact to infected blood, vaginal fluids, or semen. . It's estimated about 0.5% to 1% of Canadians have hepatitis B. Hepatitis C affects about 3.5 million North Americans.

Symptoms of Liver Problems

Symptoms vary, depending on the actual disease. Most people are familiar with infant jaundice, a yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes in newborns. Bilirubin is a pigment created as the liver processes waste products, and is usually excreted.

Excess levels of bilirubin in the bloodstream cause infant jaundice. While infant jaundice usually resolves itself without any need for treatment, jaundice in an adult indicates a serious medical problem.

Treatment of Liver Problems

Take a cup of buttermilk and add a pinch of salt and some roasted cumin seeds in it. You can drink this decoction once a day as this natural treatment meant for liver problems is very effective.

Water is nature's best gift to men. It is great in case of having liver problems. One should drink at least 8 cups of warm water a day. You can if possible drink 2 cups as first thing in the morning. It helps in flushing out extra toxins from body. This treatment for liver is very good.

Make a mixture of 1 tablespoon of lime juice with papaya seeds extract. You can take this decoction 1 time a day as it is helpful in curing the liver problems.

Home Remedies for Liver Care

Mixture of vegetable juice (spinach vegetable and carrot) in the ratio of 1:1 is effective in the treatment of liver cirrhosis. Take a glass of this natural juice everyday for at least three-four weeks.

How to take care of your liver with Honey - Mixture of honey and bhringaraj is effective in treating liver cirrhosis and provides good liver care. Make a natural answer using juice of medicinal herb bhringaraj (2 tablespoon) and honey (2 tablespoon).

Take juice of 2 oranges empty stomach for 5-7 days. This is good home remedy for liver enlargement.

Take one and a half gram jaggery and Chebulic myrobalan's peel powder in equal amounts and make one tablet out of it. Take one tablet daily in the morning and sunset with warm water for a month.This is good liver enlargement remedy.

Diet for liver enlargement - Half-cup juice of bathu (Chenopodium album) with little salt is also helpful and is good home remedy for liver enlargement.

Daily intake of half-cup bitter gourd with small quantity of salt is very useful for liver and spleen enlargement.

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Liver Disorders and Perfect Home Treatment for Liver Care

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