Liver Pain Causes and Symptoms and Liver Pain Treatment for Liver Care

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The liver is the body's detoxifier. It's responsible for breaking down food (including nutrients and fats), medications, and toxins. When it functions properly it's able to direct poisons and toxins out of the blood stream and away from the body. When it becomes taxed from excess toxins, cholesterol, and saturated fats, we can experience liver pain.

Liver pain can indicate conditions like cirrhosis, fatty liver or other acute or chronic liver diseases. Alcohol abuse is the most common cause of cirrhosis; inflammation of the liver basically means the liver isn't able to filter toxins, poisons, drugs and the like so they can be flushed out of the body. Other causes of liver impairment include hepatitis, autoimmune deficiency, and even acetaminophen (Tylenol) overuse.

Liver Pain Causes

1. Liver cirrhosis
2. Fatty liver disease
3. Liver cancer
4. Hepatitis
5. Other acute or chronic liver diseases
6. Alcohol abuse
7. Autoimmune disease
8. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) overuse
9. Certain other diseases like type 2 diabetes, congestive heart failure, tuberculosis, etc.
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Liver Pain Symptoms

Liver disorders usually do not exhibit any liver pain symptoms in earlier stages. Body efficiently manages loss of liver function to a certain extent. Liver cirrhosis or liver cancer are therefore known as 'silent killers'. Some of the commonly noticed symptoms of liver impairment are:
1. Jaundice, skin and whites of the eyes turn yellow
2. Stomach problems like constipation and diarrhea
3. Abdominal pain, swelling, bloating
4. Itchy skin
5. Nausea and vomiting
6. Weight loss

Liver Pain Treatment

The first thing to do is to cease eating strong foods such as those with spices added to it. Spice can aggravate the internal condition of almost any part of the body. In particular, curry powder, red, green and Habanero chillies and pepper are really the worst of the damage causing bunch.
You would be well advised to stay away from them all for a while and concentrate on fairly bland food. Adding salt and a touch of soothing olive oil to the food will be a good enough way to maintain an easing of any pain that may also cause a burning sensation. Apart from this, it is also a good idea to add probiotics to the diet.

The best natural source of probiotics is fresh yogurt. This also contains bifidus, which is an excellent nutrient to get rid of the unhealthy and live bacteria as well as prevent certain types of tumors. You can add all of these to your daily diet for a few days and observe if there is a difference. Generally, the difference will be felt within as quickly as a couple of days.
The other thing to concentrate on is water intake. Keep in mind that the liver is the organ which works as the toxin processing plant of the body. It has the formidable task of separating toxins from nutrients and ensuring that toxic waste is flushed out to the kidneys, from where it goes out via urine. Less of water means that these two organs will have to put in a lot of overtime and will be more tired than ever.

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Liver Pain Causes and Symptoms and Liver Pain Treatment for Liver Care

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